Rapid UX Prototyping in NYC

We’ve helped over 100 companies create better products through hands-on usability and prototyping workshops. Ready to stop making product design decisions based on opinion? Join Pete’s next training event to observe users "in the wild" using your product, and then design a better experience.


How it Works

We’ll train you to run usability tests at your company, provide real live feedback from users – and prototype solutions to the biggest UX issues identified in the session.

You’ll learn how to prepare your product or prototype, find your participants, write a test plan, take on the role of moderator, capture your findings, rapidly prototype solutions, and present your results to your team.

Workshops are facilitated by Pete Kistler, who has designed software used by nearly a million people and generated $25 million in sales. Pete has facilitated over 200 usability tests, user interviews and user research sessions with companies ranging from Fortune 500 tech giants to software startups.


Huge design flaws were staring right at us, but we had no idea until we went to usability workshop facilitated by Pete. The best two hours our design team has spent in a LONG time.
— Fryon D., Head of UX, Fortune 500 SaaS product
Pete helped identify why 40% our new users didn’t finish our onboarding flow. We’ve doubled the number of engaged users since fixing what we found.
— Stacy L., Product Manager at Top 1,000 SaaS software company
We tripled our Premium conversion rate after usability testing with Pete, and completely changed our design process. Can’t recommend highly enough.
— George S., Product Manager, Fortune 1,000 Company

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